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Bombay Fluid System Components Pvt.Ltd. (Swagelok Bombay)

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Ensuring your process plant is working efficiently is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Improving product quality and keeping your process on specification, is fundamental to plant performance and productivity. Reacting to changes in the process and making adjustments quickly is achieved by high quality analysers, measuring and monitoring process conditions around the clock.

If you design, construct, operate or maintain sampling systems, you know how important quality data is. Inaccuracy usually results from problems within the sampling system, not the analyser. Swagelok® Bombay is your business partner when it comes to Analytical Instrumentation, offering a wide range of products, training and services to help you improve plant performance and profitability.

(A) Grab Sample Systems 


Customizing Swagelok grab sample systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture—meeting your specific plant application needs. The panels are available in a variety of configurations and advanced features. Plus, local support ensures fast, dependable expert service. Know more!

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(B) Hose assemblies with end connections

Our associates use specialized tools to cut hose and flexible tubing to precise lengths then attach chosen end connections, pressure-test and document the results, and deliver. 

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(C) Regulator assemblies

Regulators reduce the pressure of a gas or liquid from a source, such as a cylinder or compressor, to a lower value needed by a device, such as an analyzer. A pressure regulator provides better resolution and control when its inlet and control range pressures closely match the pressure requirements of the fluid handling system.

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(D) Isolation valves

Isolation Valves form a critical part of any fluid systems whether it is a gas or liquid. To establish leak-tight connection; not only end connections but various joints in valve also play a critical role. Also; leak free performance even after every-day usage is the key to better plant efficiency. Swagelok offer leak-free reliable solutions for selection of Isolation valves. 

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