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Bombay Fluid System Components Pvt.Ltd. (Swagelok Bombay)

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Kitting & Consignment

Kitting helps OEMs' & End User customers to reduce time and efforts in accurately retrieving Swagelok parts during installation. By consolidating Swagelok components as per customer's model designs or customer specific groups we have been successfully reducing man hours in receiving and on-site installation.


• Reduces cycle time, freight costs and packaging costs.
• Eliminates unnecessary inventory storage space
• Decreases receiving and warehouse time.
• Decreases requisitioning, ordering, and accounts payable time

Consignment is designed to reduce the customers cost of carrying inventory. We can stock specific inventory based on customers’ application requirement.


• Reduces carrying costs.
• Saves money in needless and unwanted inventory lying in the stores.
• Decreases delivery time or delays caused.
• Reduces number of orders and invoices.

Need special delivery support for your next order, reach out to your local customer service associates for assistance !